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    Deactivation problem

    walterono Level 1

      When I recently bought a new SSD, I cloned my setup (Win 7, 64-bit) from my old SSD. On that old SSD there is a copy of the standalone version of LR6. This possibly accounts for the message which keeps appearing when I open LR on my new SSD, which I now boot from, telling me my serial number is already in use on the maximum number of computers, that is, Adobe thinks I have 2 (or more than 2?) copies of LR running. It seems to me I have a couple of options: boot from the old SSD, enter LR, and sign out, thus deactivating that copy--this I would not prefer to do--the drivers on the old SSD are out of date, hence risk of blue screening and being unable to access LR on that disk; or simply reformatting the old SSD, which is dead simple and avoids the previously mentioned problems, but would it deactivate that copy of LR? Or is there a telephone number I can call (I live in the UK) to resolve this issue? I have tried to find such a number on Adobe's website but I keep going round in circles.