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    How do I buy CS6 photoshop from SEA?


      Note that I am not asking for Creative Cloud.


      So the link to http://www.adobe.com/sea/products/catalog/cs6._sl_id-contentfilter_sl_catalog_sl_software_ sl_creativesuite6.html is completely dead.


      I can only assume it's Adobe's aggressive push for their CC products, but I'm really disappointed to see that there's no standalone product license that I can buy. Can any adobe staff direct me to the correct webpage, or just tell it straight to me that CS 6 is removed from the SEA market?






      - We plan to sell Creative Suite 6 for use on supported platforms indefinitely.

      - Yes. CS6 suite editions and individual products are available for purchase via Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) on Adobe.com. Customers must pay with a credit card and will receive an individual serial number and download instructions.


      I actually took the time to read the faq, too bad all of the above seems to be untrue.