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    Slow down animation to stop


      Hi all,


      Let's say I have a cog with a rotation animation applied so it looks like it's spinning. I want that animation to gradually slow to a stop over a 5 second period, so it looks like the cog is running out of speed and stopping. I want the slow down to be equal and gradual. How do I do that?


      Unnecessary additional information: I'm an AE novice, but this seems like it should be a really simple thing to do. I've looked at editing the speed graph and I imagine that what I want to see is a diagonal line going from the starting keyframe at 0 seconds and sloping down to the second keyframe at 5 seconds where it should hit the X axis setting a value of zero. I cannot get anything approaching that - I get bezier curves that then set all sorts of crazy rotations: slowing down, speeding up etc. Am I missing something, possibly super-obvious? I've also heard people mentioning time-remapping, but that's not available as an option, presumably as it's an animation that I'm trying to slow down rather than a clip, so I don't think that applies. Help!


      Thanks in advance.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Unnecessary additional information: I'm an AE novice, but this seems like it should be a really simple thing to do.


          It is. You just have to learn it. Sorry, there are no easy answers. Good keyframing skills don't come over night and you have to spend some time with this stuff before it clicks.



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            hellopaul4 Level 1
            1. Clear away any rotation animation you've got on that cog.
            2. Set your rotation keyframes (eg. at frame 0, set the rotation to 3600˚ and at frame 250 set the rotation to 0˚).
            3. Click on your last keyframe and press F9. (That's "easy ease" and adds an "ease" to the keyframe, so the motion changes gradually/more naturally. I use it all the time, then tweak the motion in the graph editor if necessary).
            4. Job done.


            If you want to refine the motion, go in to the graph editor, right click in the graph editor, and set it to "Edit Speed Graph". Tweak the handles of the keyframes to get the result you want - a horizontal line is a constant speed, and a steeply sloping (either up or down) is a rapid change of speed. (Obviously this depends on how much you are zoomed in to the graph, too!).

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You can also right click on your keyframe and select keyframe interpellation. From the dialogue you can set the influence of the entry and exit to the keyframe. Experiment with those settings using 0% and 100% in both fields.

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