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    Frustrating Behavior

      Here's a puzzler. I have a movieclip with a three-quarters profile view of a box on one frame and a cutaway view of the same box at the same angle in the next frame. Both frames have stop(); statements on them and nothing else. My problem is simple: I have an onRollOver behavior of gotoAndStop(2), and an onRollOut behavior of gotoAndStop(1). There is nothing else. The code has the desired effect; however, it also has the undesirable side-effect of changing the system cursor to the image normally used when it is over a button. This change, while minor, is a little jarring, and I would like to avoid it if possible. I vaguely suspect that Flash is optimizing my movie clip into a button without saying anything, but I have no proof of this.

      I have also tried using an onMouseMove handler, and comparing _xmouse and _ymouse against the results of getBounds. This gets me closer, in that the cursor no longer changes, but it also has a false positive in that the bounding box contains white space, which should not trigger the frame change when rolled over.

      Any ideas?