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    Lightroom cc freezes system.


      Hello all

      My problem is and hasbeen for a while Lightroom cc freezing the whole system up to a point of force reeboot. I have had few bscods whea_uncorrectable_error and CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT but not for a majority of times.

      I have changed my gpu from AMD HD6870 to NVIDIA GTX970 4g. I have disenabled gpu from settings, no effect. Removed and Installed program, no effect.

      Problem seems to spesific related to Lightroom, since no other program (not even PS) does this, I can run 3dmark, pcmark etc. with no problems. I have stressed  processor and gpu for hours by playing games.

      Lightroom (like all other programs) is installed on system disck 256 GB SSD.


      Processor                AMDFX8350

      GPU                        MSIGTX970 4G gaming oc

      mem                         4x4gb 1600mhz

      Harddrives     SSD     256GB, 1TB usb3 HDD, 2 x 500GB (sata2)

      System          WIN10(from 8.1 wich had same problem)

      So, has anybody had similar problem?