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    Adobe Edge Custom Fonts on Digital Banners


      With the announcement of Chrome moving away from Flash, my company is recreating all our Flash banners in Edge (CC 2015). When we send our banners out for review, however, our TypeKit/Google Fonts aren't appearing in clients' browsers. Does anyone know if we just need to add the selected fonts to the code manually, or if fonts with digital banners (as opposed to a fully hosted website) will likely have speed bumps, anyway? (In which case, we should just move to Web fonts.) How much bandwidth would forcing a font download to a browser have on digital banners? They generally request very low memory files. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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          Ben, Typekit Support Adobe Employee

          Hi Jordan,


          I can speak to using Typekit for banners. Right now, this isn't well supported due to how Typekit works. In order to use Typekit fonts on a site, the domain of the site has to be registered on Typekit. This prevents others from using fonts from your account, etc.


          As you can imagine, this gets tricky since a banner can show up on many different domains. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help here. This is something we're looking into and I'll share your feedback with the team.


          Let me know if you have any further Typekit questions.




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            I am currently in the same boat you are. Our client had a default web font (arial) but for some reason is demanding we use our print font on the new banners we are creating. So far the only other solutions are to a) create the wording in Illustrator, make it a shape and then copy/paste into Edge.  Which sucks if you have to go back later and change out a word or number. Or B) Create in photoshop and then export as a .png.  This is the solution will be going with if we can't get the font to work, since I have to make jpegs anyways for other projects, might as well keep everything in 1 program.