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    Coldfusion is always including cf_flash_policy_port...CFForm and CFGrid have format="html"


      Coldfusion is always including cf_flash_policy_port even though CFForm and CFGrid are set with format="html".


      How can I eliminate any reference to Flash and still use CFGrid?  Some other CFInput tags also seem to trigger this include.


      Viewing page source shows a line that includes _cf_flash_policy_port=1243;

      Here is my CFGrid block:

                                      <cfgrid name="BuildingResultList"



                                              height="247" format="html"

                                              width="400"  selectColor="silver"

                                              selectmode="edit" tooltip="Click on the check box for buildings that will be affected."  >

                                          <cfgridcolumn name="Building_key" display="no">

                                          <cfgridcolumn name="checked" header="Include" type=boolean width="35" dataalign="center">

                                          <cfgridcolumn name="Building" width="330" select="no">


      Are there certain properties that tell ColdFusion to include the Flash component?