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    FlashPaper Cutomization

      I've recently created an app that loads dynamically created FlashPaper by ColdFusion. I've been able to customize everything about the FlashPaper interface other than the scrollbar and background. In order to hide the header I did a data dump to find the code to hide it. I want to keep the scrollbar but just customize it in order to match the look of the rest of the site. Anyone know how to do this? I know it's possible because of some sites that offer a component that comes in a variety of colors.
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          Tekkaman_Cypher Level 1
          Ok guys figured it out on my own. Did the data dump of the api and found the code to kill the background of the FlashPaper. Unfortunately the Scrollbar is apart of the background so when you kill the _alpha on it, it makes everything invisible. But, if you drag the ScrollBar Component from your Flash * Components Library, you can associate it. Doing it this way is not for the faint of heart who are not familiar with AS 2.0. Will write a tidy version the code for anyone who needs it, better than paying 90 bucks to buy a component that just changes color. Although there is a free component being offered out there that allows you to load through MXP into your library of stuff and drag and drop to the stage. In the parameters panel they made it simple to turn stuff on and off.

          Anyways, will get that code here on the site as soon as I can.
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            If you want a lot of information of how to create different themes of flashpaper email me at admin@sustainedchaos.com or support@scclan.net .

            a sample of a new theme is http://dl.scclan.net/website_snapshot.swf

            I would be glad to help if you need it.