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    ID CC 2015 crashes as soon as I (try to) apply paragraph style to text.

    DanBo948 Level 1

      I am working on Mac Pro (mid 2009), OS X 10.10.4, 16 GB RAM

      Original hard drive is 1 TB (where applications are installed), second drive (designated as scratch disk, and where all work files are housed) is 2 TB.

      Current subscriber to Adobe CC 2015, using InDesign with latest update


      I have been working on a long document (book) for several days, and have developed 12 paragraph styles, using two fonts — Garamond Premier Pro and Helvetica Neue LT, and the document has facing pages.

      Yesterday, my client (the author) requested all text flow on odd-numbered pages, to allow illustrations on all even-numbered pages, so I made all text boxes thread directly down pages on the right (odd-numbered pages).

      The first three chapters were styled before I changed the text box threading. Now, when I open the document and start to apply paragraph styles to the rest of the text (nine more chapters, which automatically adopted the main text style as soon as I pasted it into the newly-threaded text boxes), ID crashes when I have highlighted a section of text and click on a paragraph style.


      I have checked permissions and preferences. The only thing I can think of is starting the document from scratch.

      Any other suggestions?


      Could threading the text boxes only on the odd-numbered pages cause the problem, since it does have facing pages?


      Thank you.