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    Can I use just the one collection of photographs with Apple Photos '&' Adobe's Creative Cloud


      I am new to Adobe's Creative Cloud, and have previously been using Apple's basic 'Photos' to collect/store my photographs (Mainly family photographs over 40 years) - Great for taking Photographs on my iPad to show relatives.


      I have purchased Creative Cloud not only to enhance potentially good family photographs and to finally properly organise them, but to use with my new found passion for DSLR photography.


      However I now seem to have two massive duplicate sets of photographs. One with Apple Photos and one with Lightroom. Is there a simple way I can use both Apple Photos & Lightroom with just the one set of photographs, (albeit that I would have to make any changes to the image files/folders exclusively through Lightroom) other than having to constantly export/import photographs from one application to the hard drive before, before importing/exporting photographs to the other application?


      Thanking you in anticipation,