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    Dragging Objects (stopping mouse from moving)


      I am very stuck. I tried looking over my old Director scripts for help but I cant make anything of them to help them with Actionscript.

      Basically what i want to do is, when i am dragging a a movie clip such as 'lungs_mc' i dont want the user to be able to drag it outside of a box called 'dragArea_mc' which has co ords of: w:560.0, h:538, x: 235, y:57.0.

      Basically when the user drags lungs_mc to the edge of box it stops the user from moving the object outside this box, but they are still able ot move it inside of the box.

      Any Suggestions??

      If you dont know how to retrain 'lungs_mc' within 'dragArea_mc' then even retraining them within x and y co ords would be great and i will just use < and > for those.

      Also 'lungs_mc' is on the _root and so is 'dragArea_mc'. They both must stay on the root to make the whole movie work.

      It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help as it would solve a massive problem for me

      thanks a lot :-)