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    updateDisplayList and scroll bars

    rmarp Level 1
      Hi folks - I'm stuck on something so I created a very simple app to reproduce the problem. You can find it here:


      It has "View source" enabled.

      Basically what you'll see is a green box which is a custom component I've written that implements some custom drawing (in this case, rounded edges, and a green background). When you click the "Add another item" button enough times, scroll bars automatically appear. This is fine except notice how it cuts off the edge of my component. I'm trying to figure out how to handle this.

      I've hunted around and found an example where you detect if the scroll bar is there (verticalScrollBar != null) and then reduce the width of the rectangle by 16 pixels. This makes sense but doesn't seem to work for me, the rectangle doesn't change sizes when the scroll bar appears.

      Also, I've found an example where you override the measure function and change the measuredWidth but this doesn't seem to work for me either. Can somebody shed some light on this for me?