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    Incorrect Image Appears in InDesign


      I have placed an image into my InDesign document, but when the image appears on the page, it lacks the drop shadow that I've added in Photoshop. This is in spite of the fact that the drop shadow is visible in the image thumbnail in the "Place" dialog. The drop shadow also appears in the thumbnail of the moving arrow that allows you to place the image into a certain spot on the page. However, when I click on the page, the large image that appears lacks the drop shadow. It also appears to be cropped differently than the image it is linked to (i.e. the image is too close to the frame even when using "fit content proportionally"). I have cut the image and re-tried several times. I went back to the image I was linking to and deleted it. Then re-saved it. However, I still get this strange image appear when I place into my document. I've gone into the links palette and tried re-linking, but the same problem continues. Please help!