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    .AI Illustrator files don't update in After Effects


      So CC After Effects 2014 (and maybe older versions?) had a feature I really liked where if you imported an illustrator file (.ai) into After Effects, you can make changes to that file in Illustrator without having to re-import the file back into After Effects. The image would automatically update.


      I'm using CC AE 2015 and Illustrator CS5.1 and this method does not work. The illustrator file won't update or change, even when I reload the footage or purge the memory of the software. I also restarted my computer for kicks but that didn't work. Did this feature change in the 2015 version of After Effects? Is there a step that I'm missing?


      Here's my example. I want this red screw to have less teeth, so I deleted my teeth in Illustrator down to five:



      After making this change and saving it, nothing changes in After Effects. It keeps sticking to the old version of the screw, which has about nine teeth: