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    Can't save file from CC 2015 back to Lr as a jpeg file.



      Thanks for the help.  I was on the phone with a tech form Adobe for at least 45 minutes after waiting for at least an hour on hold to get to him.  After the 45 minutes and having him take control of my computer, he said that it can’t be done. So, thanks for the advice.  I greatly appreciate the time you took to answer my question.

      After I switched to psd in the preferences tab I am able to now save the images from CC 2015 back to Lr as a psd file.  But when I am done with all of my improvements and now want to flatten the image and save it as s jpg, and email it, Photoshop/Lr does not save it back into the Lr catalog, but it does save it in the Bridge.  Is there a way to save it back to Lr as a jpg file?


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          khatwani Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Theo,


          Sorry that you waited for a long time over the call.


          Well Theo, what happens here that when you take image from Lightroom to Photoshop  that is actually a .tiff  format.

          Like as you said that you have flatten the layers,  you can save that as a Jpeg but surely that won't reflect in Lr back.

          As when we press the save as command in photoshop, it make one more copy of that image and it ask you for the location where to put that in.

          So this copy don't get imported automatically to Lightroom back.

          The best way that you can do here is you can save that as jpeg in the same folder where your original is and then you can go to lightroom -> right click(ctrl + click(in MAC)) on that folder and then click synchronize.

          This will open the dialog box and gives you the opportunity to import that to Lr without opening the import window.


          In this one way you can bring that JPEG file in the same catalog.


          Let me know if that works for you.


          Thanks & Regards

          Jitendra Khatwani