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    Sharing One RoboHelp Project Among Multiple Authors

      We have multiple authors who need to work on a single RoboHelp X5 project. I read an article at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/robohelp/articles/robosource_control.html which discusses how to do this using Adobe Connect Enterprise Server. The article was from 2004. Is it still accurate? Is this the way to do it? Any other suggestions?
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          Hi. The link is still relevant for X5 as there hasn't been another version. I don't use any form of source control but many authors use another tool rather than RoboSource (e.g. SourceSafe). This is probabaly just down the problems you see posted on these forums for projects used under Robosource. One pointer for you is to spend time analysing your folder structure BEFORE going over to source control. Once you've started, it's difficult to go back.