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    dynamic drop down menus

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      Hi everyone. I am trying to create some drop down menus where if you do a selection in the first drop down menu, the second drop down menu will display. I have this working on 2 drop down menus,but the problem I'm having is if I choose something out of the first drop down menu and then change my mind and want to choose something else, the page goes blank. If I change it to something else in the first drop down, it should display all the results in drop down 2 according to what I chose in drop down 1. It does do this the first time if I choose the correct thing the first time, but if I try to change drop down 1, the page goes blank. What am I doing wrong? Here's the code I have:


      <!--- store the selected Main_Group variable variable after the first select boxes submits itself --->

      <cfif NOT isDefined("form.submit")>

        <cfif isDefined('form.select_PinCount') AND form.select_PinCount NEQ "">

        <cfset page.select_PinCount = form.select_PinCount>



          <cfif isDefined('form.select_BodySize') AND form.select_BodySize NEQ "">

        <cfset page.select_BodySize = form.select_BodySize>




        <form method="post" action="email_code_test9.cfm">

        <!--- query DB for the first drop down list ---> 

        <cfquery name="get_PinCount" datasource="#application.datasource#">     

        SELECT DISTINCT Pin_Count

        FROM BGA

        ORDER BY Pin_Count



        <!--- first drop down list ---> 

        <!--- NOTICE the onChange javascript event in the select tag, this is what submits the form after the first selection --->

        <select name="select_PinCount" required="yes" onchange="this.form.submit()">

        <option value="">Select Pin Count</option>     

        <!--- dynamically populate the first drop down list based on the get_PinCount query --->

        <!--- NOTICE the CFIF within the option tag, this says, if the first selection has been made, display the chosen option when the page reloads --->

        <cfloop query="get_PinCount">          

        <option value="#Pin_Count#" <cfif isDefined('form.select_PinCount')><cfif form.select_PinCount eq Pin_Count>selected</cfif></cfif>>#Pin_Count#</option>     






        <!--- if the first selection has been made, display the second drop down list with the appropriate results --->

        <cfif isDefined('page.select_PinCount')>

        <!--- query DB for second drop down list, based on the selected item from the first list --->

        <cfquery name="get_BodySize" datasource="#application.datasource#">         

        SELECT DISTINCT Body_Size_mm

        FROM BGA

        WHERE Pin_Count = #select_PinCount#

        ORDER BY Body_Size_mm



        <!--- second drop down list --->

        <select name="select_BodySize" required="yes" onchange="this.form.submit()">

        <option value="">Select Body Size</option>

        <!--- dynamically populate the second drop down list based on the get_BodySize query --->

        <cfloop query="get_BodySize">          

        <option value="#Body_Size_mm#" <cfif isDefined('form.select_BodySize')><cfif form.select_BodySize eq Body_Size_mm>selected</cfif></cfif>>#Body_Size_mm#</option>     





      <input type="Hidden" name="Submit" value="Submit">














      The link to this is here: https://www.ironwoodelectronics.com/catalog/Package_Specs/email_code_test9.cfm