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    Update to windows 10 computer


      I have a windows 7 laptop. I installed a full version of LR3 years ago. I updated to LR 4 and 5. I also bougth Elements years ago and I still use it but not often.


      I bougth a new windows 10 laptop and I want to buy LR6 standalone for that computer. This computer has a Nvidia GPU on board.



      How do I install LR? First 3, then 4 and 5 before downloading 6?

      Or can I just download LR6 on the new computer as an upgrade?

      Or do I need to install LR 6 on the old computer first?

      Do I somehow need to deactivate LR5 on the old computer first?

      Same questions for Elements:

      Can I just install it (I still have the disc) on the new computer.

      Do I need to deactivate Elements on the old computer.


      Who knows the answer?