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    "Unexpected Error" when trying to open catalog after reverting to Windows 7 from Windows 10.


      I tried updating my computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10. It seemed to work well for a day or two, then explorer (the desktop) began flashing on and off.

      In addition, when the computer began flaking out, it informed me that my license was not valid, and I had to activate windows again. I tried without success.


      I then decided to revert to Windows 7. The computer is stable now, but I can't get my main LR catalog with all my client photos to open. "Unexpected Error". Trying again gives the same result.


      When I try to open the most recent backup, it says the file is not writable and cannot be opened, OR I might not have sufficient permissions.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated. I've been using Lightroom since it first came out and has been almost totally trouble free until this episode.