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    Feature Request: Handles

    KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

      Feature Request: Premiere Clip, Trim to Handles


      [I love to request crazy stuff]



      Allows users to export using one of the following options: with handles / without handles / all source


      Handle duration is set by radial button choice

      Requires space on device to create NEW movies (duplicates)


      How it works:

      Premiere Clip Preferences > Sync Handles

      3 options =

      • ALL SOURCE
        • 2 SEC
        • 10 SEC


      By default = ALL SOURCE Premiere Clip works in current mode.  It syncs the entire source footage (when possible)


      WITHOUT HANDLES: Premiere Clip renders each edit as a new movies back to the device, then creates new project and uses it sync/upload to CC [upload_PROJECTNAME]


      WITH HANDLES: Similar to "without handles", but allows the user to trim footage to 2 or 10 second handles.  When footage is not trimmed in the edit, black slugs are added to new movies.