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    ITreeDataProvider API


      I'm trying to create my own tree component and I'm having some difficulties. One of the things I would like to do, is if certain things are dragged from the tree, I would like to automatically add some other default items to that "dragging session". For example, say I am dragging a folder, I would automatically like to drag over the folder's children, without forcing the user to explicitly select the children.

      To that end I created my own mouseMove handler, which will create a dragSource and call the DragManager.doDrag method, however, when I put the tree nodes into the dragSource (as type XML, or an XML string), I end up getting a null dragSource. I tried looking up the format for the tree nodes, so I know that the format string should be 'treeItems', but I'm not sure what the type of the item should be, and all the Flex help information says is the items should implement the ITreeDataProvider API. Where is this API? I can't find a file that defines the interface, and I haven't found anything helpful online.

      Can anyone help? Am I missing something totally obvious?

      Thanks very much in advance!