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    Default Docs work all other .cfm result in IIS error

    MultiverseIT Level 1

      I'm trying to help a client with getting Cold Fusion 11 running with IIS 8.5 on 2012 R2.


      It's been installed and a default document has been assigned - "home.cfm".  If you visit the web site: http://website/ it works.  If you visit http://website/home.cfm, you get an HTTP Error 500.0:

      Module   IsapiModule
      Notification   ExecuteRequestHandler
      Handler   ISAPI-dll
      Error Code   0x80004005
      Requested URL   http://website:80/jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll
      Physical Path   C:\server\path\jakarta\isapi_redirect.dll
      Logon Method   Anonymous
      Logon User   Anonymous


      The same error results on any attempt to load any CFM page by page name - again, they only load if no file name has been specified in the URL and the page in question is the default document.


      Meanwhile, the CF Admin site works just fine.


      Running 11,0,05,293506

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          haxtbh Level 4

          Is this the first site you have setup in IIS with coldfusion on that server?


          I have seen this happen when the Web Server Configurator is not run after setting up a website in IIS. For example, having coldfusion installed and running already on one website (Default or otherwise) then creating a new IIS website and not re running the web server configurator to get it working correctly.


          I would suggest running (or re running) the Web configurator (as administrator) and adding (or removing and re adding) the IIS Sites to it.