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    Having trouble downloading and installing Adobe Flash Player in Windows 8.1 Internet Explorer 11


      I have tried several times to download the flash player from the Adobe website with repeated failure. The website automatically goes to the help/support pages and won't let me download the flash player at all. So I run the troubleshooters that it gives you and one tells me that the Flash Player needs enabled,  the active x filter in on and/or I need to update the version that is installed. I make sure flash player add-on is enabled and active x filter is off. Then move on to check current version to see if it needs updated and after running the system check to see if I need an update I am told that the Flash player IS NOT installer on my laptop. That where the problem is because the Adobe website will not  let me access the flash player page so that I can download it and then install it on my laptop.. Somebody please HELP me figure out the problem here???