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    Mobile/sync/sign in problem


      i installed a new version of the trial and used it to create a new catalog (as my previous were very disorganized)


      in trying to sync to mobile (it isn't) i noticed on one page under preferences, lightroom mobile, it doesn't show that i am signed in under my adobe acct. However on the help menu, it does show that i am signed in. i believe this may be causing my inability to sync my collection with the cloud... (The top left corner has the message "waiting for connection"


      any advice or help?

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          greule Adobe Employee

          Could you try to re-sign-in via the Creative Cloud app. So quit Lr Desktop, re-sign-in via the CC-app and re-start Lr afterwards. Let me know if that helps. - Guido

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            barold Level 1

            thank you guido. Unfortunately i've tried but it doesn't work. When i try to sign back in via the lightroom desktop, i get another error "please connect to the internet and retry".  The computer is connected... Does LR use an odd port or something being blocked by my router or windowa firewall?


            Update:  This solvedit (i can't believe it) Found via another forum


            Open Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Advanced

            Scroll down to Security

            Check Use TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2

            Restart Lightroom