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    Urgently need help repairing Lightroom 6 catalog 'Lightroom encountered problems reading or writing from disk when attempting to repair catalog'


      My Lightroom catalog was working perfectly until 2 days ago.


      When I try to open my catalog this error message pops up-


      And when I attempt to repair my catalog a green progress bar briefly shows and then this pops up-


      I've clicked 'try again' several times but it's still not working. My catalog is on an external harddrive with 1,46 TB of free space. I'm using Lightroom 6 on a laptop with Windows 8.


      Other things I've tried:


      • Looking for a .lock file to delete
      • Creating a new catalog and importing the other catalog into it (when I try to do that it says 'Lightroom cannot import from this catalog. This catalog does not appear to be a valid Lightroom catalog.')


      Please help! I don't have any backups I can restore my catalog with. I'm studying photography and it would be hugely inconvenient if I lost all my edits/flags from this catalog.