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    Relative Sizes on HTMLTEXT on FLASH

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      I have a problem suing relative sizes on a HTMLtext on FLash

      I create the the textArea i set the size and everything if I do it by
      actionscript everything works fine except when i setup the htmltext, the
      text disspears so I need to re-set the embeded font with:

      myTextFormat.font = Varfont;
      textBox.embedFonts = true;

      But using this lines I lose the previous size. that i assigned before when i
      created the textarea. And goes to a standard size... dont know why, i am
      using a different TextFormat.....

      And If i want to use the size i was using , all the text becomes the same
      size (but is the size that I want)...

      If I create the text area manually using the gui, it works well.


      The main problem is... why the the text dissapears when i set a new html