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    Editing in Bangladesh language

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      I've been battling with a Bangladesh document, and losing badly. If anyone could offer any advice, it would be very grateful.


      Here's the situation:

      I have been asked to edit an Bangladesh AI document and convert it to InDesign.

      Thought it wouldn't be much trouble, since all I needed to do was copy the text


      But when I copied the text and pasted to InDesign, all the text was shown in pink-font-isn't-there boxes.
      So, I googled and found a font (SutonnyMJ) that would show the Bangla text properly, and it seemed to work.
      I finished the work and sent it to the client. I thought that was it.


      Few days later, the client called me urgently and said that the document had too much errors, as in words are broken.
      They sent me some examples, and it turns out the ligatures were not showing properly.

      No matter what I did, the ligatures wouldn't stick (And yes, I tried with the World Composer).


      So, I asked the client to send me a copy of their old document, and got hold of a PDF file.
      But, when I copied the text from the PDF and paste in InDesign, (or anything else for that matter),

      the following image happened.




      Only SutonnyMJ, a font that wouldn't show the ligatures correctly, showed Bangla text,
      and Vrinda (a typical Bangla font) showed gibberish. Some other fonts didn't even show.


      I googled and googled, and found out that Bangla has two methods of computer input, Bijoy and Unicode,
      and SutonnyMJ is for Bijoy, and Vrinda is for Unicode.


      So I searched again and found couple of Bijoy > Unicode convert websites. Then, I copied the paragraphs one by one
      and pasted into the website, convert it, and the pasted the converted text into InDesign. And it seemed to work.
      (World Composer is a wonder. Thank you Adobe!)

      Instead of getting this:


      I got this:


      and this was exactly what I wanted. I re-did the document, and sent it to the client for confirmation.
      I was pretty certain the ligature problem was solved, and was happy that this nightmare can soon be over.


      ... or so I thought. The client went over the document, and said that there are now other problems regarding the text characters.


      The text should be showing this:



      But instead showed this:





      Or this:


      Instead of this:



      If I knew Bangladesh language, I would type it myself and be done with it, but that's not going to happen any time soon.


      So here's my question:

      • How do everyone else work with this language?
      • Is there any Bijoy font that supports ligatures?
      • Are there any plugins that would be useful in this case? (I've already tried with IndicPlus)
      • Is there a Bijoy > Unicode converter that is 100% accurate?


      Here's my computer setup:

      • Windows 7 Pro English (fresh install)
      • Adobe InDesign CC 2015 (fresh install)


      I know I rambled a lot, but I'm really desperate. Please help, anyone.


      Thanks for your time.

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          h.m rezoan duranto Level 1

          There is a 99% accurate bijoy > unicode > bijoy converter. Here's the link > http://bnwebtools.sourceforge.net/


          There's also two type of text in bijoy

          Bijoy 2003 Type

          Bijoy Classic Type


          So those text which are in SutonnyMJ but still broken in some alphabets is because of Bijoy Type Version. You can convert that text from 2003 to classic. Which will solve your problem. To convert the text between bijoy versions You have to install Bijoy Bayanno 2012 version on your machine. Then you'll find a converter add-on in Microsoft Office > Add-Ons > Bijoy Classic Converter.

          Just paste the text in Word, convert it with the add-on then use the converted text in any application. eg. Illustrator, InDesign etc.


          You're using Unicode Text that's why the client reported the second problem. You have to convert the text to Bijoy ANSII using the converter I mentioned earlier. Then use in any application and if then alphabets breaks you have to convert it between bijoy type version using the add-on I mentioned earlier.


          You can also change the Bengali Font, there's a lot more than just the SutonnyMJ. You can try KarnaphuliMJ, KongshoMJ, JomunaMJ, KalindiMJ etc.



          I would love to help you further more in this matter, if you need to.



          Rezoan Duranto

          Web & Graphic Designer, Photographer