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    Carrying the input values from one frame to another

    amithjnt Level 1

      I hv made 2 forms to be submited in my one file of flash. one is on 3rd frame and another in 4th frame. on 4th frame form i hv given back button for returning to last form on frame 3. Like if u did any mistake so u can ammend.
      But my problem is that when user fill all contents in frame 3 form and goes to frame 4 form by next buttton. and if he returns back to form 3 by back button. Here no any data is remaining. Here the form is again new. all input texts are blank like... Name, Address, Ph.no. etc

      So how can i carry my 3rd frame data to 4th frame also as if user return back to frame 3, it should contain all the information wat he has typed before going to frame 4....

      Plz help me

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          TimSymons Level 1
          Are you declaring your variables on the 3rd frame? I did this once and it took me longer than I care to admit to find the problem.

          Declare and initialize your form elements on the 2nd frame and make sure that the the 4th frame does not have a keyframe deleting the form on the 3rd frame. Otherwise, that will also reset your form. If you have to have the form on frame 3rd disappear on the 4th frame, you can either place it in a movieclip and set the visibility to false, or keep it as it and just put a graphic over it.