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    Export problems with lightroom.


      Until a recent upgrade, at a quality setting of 90% , raw files from my Nikon D7100 were exporting at my chosen setting of 300 dpi and 6000x4000 with file sizes (depending on content) from around 4mb to 14mb. These dimensions were perfect for my needs, but now at exactly the same settings, Lightroom is exporting the files still at 300 dpi but with much smaller 2560x1707 pixels with file sizes even with a busy image, as low as I.0mb, which is too small and not acceptable by my agency. I can't see why this is happening. I'm not cropping or sharpening images. The files are converted to DNG and are 6000x4000 as they sit in lightroom. Why won't they export at this size as they used to ?

      Can anyone please tell me how to overcome this or reset Lightroom to the way it was. I'm under pressure to sort this out asap. I'm a bit ancient and fairly new to all this so please excuse if it's something obvious.