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    Edge Animate crashing when pasting content

    scottb53114393 Level 1



      I have recently starting using Edge Animate to try to move away from Flash and into HTML5 and I am so far very impressed with the capabilities of the program.  I am, however having a major issue with crashing when trying to duplicate or paste content within a timeline or symbol.


      To be sure my files were not corrupted I even tried creating a new project and copy and pasting a simple rectangle object with the same issue.


      I have seen on various other threads that this was a known issue with the earlier versions of Edge Animate but I am running the leatest build of CC on a Corporate licence. I can't seem to find the "About" section for the version number but you can see here it is indeed the latest version.
      edge latest.png


      Any ideas?  We all want to start using Edge Animate in our business but this issue is making it almost unusable.


      Thanks in advance


      Scott Barron