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    Premiere/After Effects focused X99 PC build.


      Currently in the process of building my first adobe/avid focused PC, I've opted for an X99 based build based on its 'price to performance' relative to 'workstation' grade components.

      I was hoping you guys might take a glance over my parts list and see if I've missed out something glaringly obvious, give me some pointers etc.

      My projects mainly consist of short (under 5 minutes), effect heavy 1080 25p videos as well as aftereffects graphics work.

      (the m.2 ssd is for my cache)

      Thank you




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          cc_merchant Level 4

          Get rid of the WD Green disk. It is only usable for bakcups.

          Change the Plextor m2 for a Samsung SM951 m2 256GB or bigger. 128GB is not enough.

          Change the memory to GSkill Ripjaws 4 x 8GB DDR4-2666. 16 GB is not enough.

          Get a couple of Samsung 850 Pro SSD's for media, projects and exports.

          Change the 750W PSU for a Corsair Pro AX-860i PSU or bigger. You need the extra juice for overclocking to around 4.4-4.5 GHz. Otherwise the Swiftech cooler makes no sense.

          Change the case to a big tower instead of a midsize tower.

          You can save some $$ by getting the 980, not the 980Ti, depending on your workflow.

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            RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

            cc_merchant is on the right track. i would add my 2cents...


            for medium to light overclock, you may consider an air cooler like the noctua d15. it would be quieter and no risk of leaking fluid. if you are max overclocking then consider a larger rad kit, like the swiftech h240 or h320 to gain performance over air. if you are max overclocking, you need the larger psu as cc_merchant suggests. not necessarily for more juice, but for cleaner and steadier power for the hardware to overclock better.


            unless the effects heavy projects you say you have are gpu effects, or gpu rendering in another program, and/or planning on 4k, the gtx 980 may be enough.


            the define R5 case is a great case, should work to hold larger water rads too.

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              CrispCusp Level 1

              Thanks for the pointers, I've been nulling over this for a while now.

              I took your advice and made some tweaks, what do you think?

              I've also added a Blackmagic card for fullscreen playback to a tv.

              What benefits would a full tower give?

              Thank you

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                cc_merchant Level 4

                A full tower gives more expansion space, is easier to build and maintain, easier to replace or add parts, has better cable and temperature management with better airflow and more space between components.


                Even though 5.25" slots are used less today than in the past, three of these 5.25" slots would be nice to have as a minimum. One for a multi-card/ USB/ eSATA/ mic and headphone unit, one for a BDR and a last one for a 6 SSD bay. Often mid-towers don't have these three 5.25"slots available.

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                  CrispCusp Level 1

                  Will do a bit of research on this, something like a or 750D or Corsair Graphite 760t V2?

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                    RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                    the define r5 is a big case, even if its not a full tower case. just about every reason cc_merchant lists for a full tower, is why the define series cases win tons of awards and is copied by other companies. the R5 is limited to 2x 5.25" bays and 8x 3.5" hdd trays, so if needing more another tower would be required.


                    if you are looking for an alternative case in that size or larger full tower, the phantek enthoo series is another case lineup that has been getting alot of rewards and attention. they have various sizes with slightly different features to choose from. there are lots of other cases from corsair, cooler master, and nzxt to name a few. some will have unique features or layouts that may make more sense to what you want.

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                      CrispCusp Level 1

                      I must admit I have heard a lot of good things about the R5 which is why i initially chose it.

                      Now I'm in the process of trying to knock down the price a little to account for P&P.


                      As far as I can see the quickest savings for me would be to knock the processor down to a 5820K (unsure as to wether i would sit safely within the pcie lane limit), or to find cheaper alternatives to the 850 EVO PRO's.


                      My thoughts on storage are to run my OS and applications on an SSD, have media and projects on the other SSD, and to have my M.2 drive as my cache. The WD BLACK drive is for backups and a general dumping ground.


                      I've knocked the graphics card down to a 980 to save a bit. I am aware that a 760 or 970 would be sufficient for premiere, but I want the extra power here for potentially getting a VR unit early next year


                      Here's what I have so far..


                      Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 14.08.50.png


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                        RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                        so there are several ways to cut down on costs and still have good/similar performance.


                        the i7-5820k is very close to the same speed as the i7-5930k, but at a significant cost difference and only 28 pcie lanes. 28 pcie lanes would be plenty if you only ever plan on a single x16 video card, leaving 12 lanes for 3 other x4 devices like the m.2 ssd, blackmagic mini monitor, and/or another pcie x4 ssd. two video cards could start impacting performance and limiting devices. if you had two video cards at 16x/8x, that would be 24 pcie lanes, leaving 4 lanes to pick between the m.2 ssd or blackmagic mini monitor.


                        unless you have some reason for the blackmagic mini monitor, you can just use mercury transmit in premiere and after effects to get full screen out to your tv. so if mercury transmit will work for you, you can drop the blackmagic mini monitor off the shopping list.


                        the swiftech h220-x is a very good all-in-one water cooler, but for prices here it's about 2x as expensive as a large noctua D15 cooler that would perform within a few degree's. the noctua heatsink would also come with thermal paste.


                        for the os/apps ssd, you might only need a 256gb ssd or could switch to the evo 512gb which is still pretty fast.

                        the sm951 for cache is great, but you should be fine with a samsung 850 pro ssd instead. it would cost less and has twice the lifespan as the m.2 and evo versions.


                        you can sometimes find the different versions of the R5 case or the older R4 model for less.


                        if you have the corsair axi 860 listed, you can look at the ax or hx models to save some money. there are other brands that are just as good and some even use the same oem as the corsair models, but at lower prices. gold or platinum rated models from evga or seasonic are also good psu's. just avoid evga G1 models.

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                          Chase Chick Level 1

                          Off you're going to be doing gpu based vr, or gpu based 3d rendering with a third party renderer like octane, I would go ahead and invest in the Asus ws mobo, which will give you 16x16x16x16 lanes. Since most gpu renderers scale linear, you can simply add another gpu and double your power. And if this is something you really want to do, don't back off of the 980ti. In fact, you might even consider a titan x or z, because the more gpu you can throw at it, the better off it will be. Of course, if you go down this route, you're also going to need to max out your power supply as well.