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    PC Configuration for AE, C4D, Maya, Premiere Pro


      Please let me know your thoughts/recommendations on this workstation configuration below for use with the above applications. Primary usage is After Effects...


      Motherboard - MSI X99 SLI Plus Black Motherboard 


      Processor -Intel Core i7-5930K Processor 


      Memory - 32GB - Xidax Extreme DDR4 2400MHz Memory 


      Power Supply  - Corsair 750W Semi-Modular Power Supply 


      Optical Drive - 24X ASUS DVD-RW Combo 


      Graphics Card  - NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970 - 4GB GDDR5 


      GPU OC - None





      1. XIDAX Performance 256GB SSD 
      2. Western Digital Black 2TB - 7200RPM 3.5" HDD 
      3. None


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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          choose the 4x8gb memory, so you have the option for adding in more later if needed.

          change the xiddax ssd for the samsung pro and add another samsung ssd for cache.

          if you need large storage, you can add another WD drive and do raid-0. if not, a third ssd for media would be nice.

          the corsair RM850i psu is a nice step up from bottom of the line CX series.

          get the corsair h100i and do some overclocking.

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            rkonieczko Level 1

            Appreciate the input.

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              povot Level 1



              I found this thread that is relative to the programs I use, so I have some questions about PC configuration. I am going to get this build:

              I7-6700k (already have)

              Motherboard (LGA1151)

              Samsung 850 Evo 250GB (already have)
              2TB HDD for archive
              GPU: Max 1070 of Pascal or 980 Maxwell I think? In the beginning I will stick with integrated graphics.

              PSU: not decided yet how much power will I need.

              RAM: Programs I use: AE, Premiere pro, C4D, SynthEyes, Mocha. Most of the time I have at least two programs running at once. I have to make decision about RAM. Should I go with 4x16GB or it will be too much and I should stick with 4x8GB?

              Is there any wrong PC parts selected that will cause bottleneck in this build? For now, I guess it will be a storage and I should get more SSD's in future?

              Sorry for my bad English.

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                RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                you may want to start with 2x16gb (32gb total), then you have the option to add more later if you want. if you have a z170 motherboard that supports overclocked memory, you will want 2400mhz or higher memory speed.


                the gtx 970 should be fine for the system, unless you are using lots of gpu fx/plugins or gpu based programs that you didn't list. the gtx 980 is normally bad value for the money vs the gtx 970 or 980ti. the gtx 900 series should see some more price drops once the amd rx 480 is released, but the gtx 1070 might still be overpriced for a while.


                you will want a power supply between 650 to 850 watts, gold rated or higher. overclocking will depend on the motherboard, the quality of the psu, along with the cpu and the cpu cooler. if you have a basic motherboard that supports little or no overclocking, you can look for a psu around 650w gold. if you plan on medium to high overclocking and have a quality motherboard made to overclock with a good cpu cooler, you will want something like a 850w platinum.


                more ssd's would be good. if you are on a budget, the samsung 850 evo's are good. if your motherboard supports m.2 or can split pcie lanes for x8/x8 (z170), to hold a pcie slot m.2 adapter, you could also look at the samsung m.2 ssd's. these m.2 drives can be expensive, but are fast enough to replace multiple sata ssds to hold cache, scratch, and media all on one drive. the samsung 950 pro is available now, at 512gb size, with multiple other samsung drives to be released soon up to 1tb sizes.

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                  povot Level 1

                  Thanks for reply RoninEdits.


                  About RAM. I looked CPU specs and saw that 6700k support DDR4-1866/2133, DDR3L-1333/1600 @ 1.35V memory. Many motherboards support 2133mhz. I am considering to buy Crucial DDR4 16GB 2133MHz CL15 Unbuffered DIMM which is well priced. However, you told me to look for 2400mhz memory, so will it be suitable for CPU?

                  GPU. Since 6700k has integrated graphics, I am not in hurry buying another one. I want to wait for gtx 1060 and see benchmarks. Maybe it will suit my needs and be good price/performance option. Main drawback of gtx 970 is coil whine which appears to many users. Maybe it is the reason why this card is cheap. So I haven't decided about gpu yet.


                  SSD. You suggest to buy one m.2 and use it for all program temporary, media files instead of few sata SSD's? Am I right? Since I haven't bought motherboard yet, I will take a look the one with m.2 slot, but as far as I can see regular comes with only one m.2 slot.

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                    RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                    for stock speed memory the i7-6xxx cpu's support 2133 tops, but a Z170 motherboard and i7-6700k together can overclock the memory. so if you get a Z170 motherboard, you should try to get faster memory for better performance. it should show on the motherboard product website or manual the memory it supports.


                    the gtx 1060 may be a good option, but im not sure when it will be released. if you have or can borrow an old gtx card, even if its somewhat slow, it might be better to use temporarily over the intel graphics.


                    i just wanted to point out the m.2 ssd as an option, it makes sense for some, but not for others. the m.2 are popular on this forum to avoid raid setups or lower overall drive counts. if you need more space for your projects and cache than a single 512gb drive, you would have to get a 1tb m.2 or several sata ssd's. some motherboards come with more than one m.2 slot, but one is more common. just check that the motherboard you pick describes the m.2 slot as x4, ultra, and/or 32gb/s. some motherboard websites will also list the m.2 drives they support, like a samsung sm951 or 950 pro.

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                      povot Level 1

                      Thank you for advice, RoninEdits. You helped me a lot.