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    relative links "unsupported path"


      Hello !

      I would like to link two edge docs in order to read the animations without any connexion, so everythng is local, and all my links must be relative.

      I have a folder with animation A, and another with animation B.


      I can successfully "descending" in the browser linking A to another A file or A folder  (with a "./ type link"), but i can't go up to re-descend into B folder with a "../B/B.html" link ... Is that normal ? is there anything I can do ?? The idea would be to have a main document that does shortcuts to other documents ... Thank you for your help, please ask if anything is unclear, english is not my mothertongue


      Cheers !

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          Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional

          Hi platypus8622,

          Here's an example that explains the relative links. Say I have an html called main.html at the top folder level, then have 2 subfolders called animA and animB with A.html and B.html in each respectively. Here's how you could link between them. Using: window.open("htmlLink", "_self");


          main.html linking to A.html

          window.open("animA/A.html", "_self");


          main.html linking to B.html

          window.open("animB/B.html", "_self");


          A.html or B.html linking to main.html

          window.open("../main.html", "_self");


          A.html linking to B.html

          window.open("../animB/B.html", "_self");


          The above should work. If it is not for you, there may be a typing mistake. If it's still not working, provide the exact code you've used.

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            EvaMartin Level 1

            Hi ! Thank you for answering !

            Now that's weird ... Today, if I retry my links, even the "descending" ones aren't working anymore :


            If i put :

            main.html linking to A.html

            window.open("test-folder/test.html", "_blank");

            it goes loading forever, and nothing happens (but I don't see the "unsupported path" error)


            If i try to link in the same folder but to an image rather to an html file, it's works perfectly !! WTH ?


            And if I try go "go up" with :


            window.open("../plan-02.jpg", "_blank");

            Whatever file I try to load (html or image), I have the "unsupported path" error.


            The online urls like www.ggogle.com are working fine.

            Maybe there is a parameter I should activate to make the relative links work ?


            I'm going crazy with this

            Thank you for your help


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              Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional

              Hi Eva,

              Are you testing from Animate with the 'Preview in Browser' option? If so, try just open the HTML directly in a browser (so not through Animate) and see if that works. It may be that the preview path is not happy with finding relative links.

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                EvaMartin Level 1

                Ohhhh ... I feel so silly not having tested that before !!

                You are right : works perfectly if the html are launched independantly from EA 


                Thank you for making my day a nice day !!