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    How can I add two pages just before page 7 of book, that won't change all page numbers that follow?

    malch Level 1

      Hi there,

      I'm getting close to finishing a 257-page book.  All the pages were automatically numbered at the bottom, and I spent a couple of weeks carefully constructing an Index at the end of the book that has all the right page numbers listed for everything.  So whatever I do, I can't change any of my page numbers.

      But at this late stage, I'd love to add a few epigraphs (quotations) in four or five places (I just got this idea today I'm afraid). 

      Is there a way to add a couple of pages here or there (I have to add two pages at a time, I know, or it will knock all the following pages—half of them designed to be on the left, and half designed to be on the right—off) that AREN'T numbered, and that WON'T affect the numbering of any of the pages that follow?