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    Extraneous Code when Publishing

      First of all, thanks to all of you for the great advice and direction you offer on this site.

      I’m using Web Help 5 and have been attempting to produce a Word doc using the Printed Documentation feature. I’ve tried numerous settings for getting the styles to come across consistently in Word (Style Mapping, using Normal.dot, using the project’s CSS styles), and I’ve also selected/deselected Maintain HTML heading levels. However, my resulting Word document still contains some strange formatting at the top of each of my topics. There’s way too much text to include here, but below is a small sample:


      This same text is repeated, ad infinitum, with numerous MERGEFORMAT and XE bracketed ({}) pieces of information, at the beginning of every topic.

      Additionally, when I attempt to embed graphics within the Word doc, I get nothing but broken links (i.e., no images will display). Linking to the images in a sub directory does work.

      I’ve reviewed the printing section of Peter Grainge’s site but was unable to resolve either issue. There appears to be some magical combination of options that I need to select which I have not yet discovered. Does anyone having any ideas?

      Thanks so much.
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          Kerber8 Level 1
          I think I just figured out part of the solution. The XE MERGEFORMAT code was referencing index entries so I simply clicked Show/Hide in Word and it went away. Duh. But I still have not figured out the problem with why my graphics will not embed in the Word document so would appreciate any ideas for that topic.

          Thanks all, and sorry to waste your time on that first issue.
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            Brian.Mccaffery Level 1
            Hello Kerber8,

            Welcome to the forum.

            How did you insert the graphics into the project? Did you cut and paste or use the insert image icon?

            If the former, that will be the problem. Copy the image files into the Image folder of the project and insert the images.