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    Two general performance questions

    Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

      Hey there,


      so question 01: 

      I've noticed when I render projects my cpu load never goes above 50%.  Is it possible to have AE use more or all and if so will this improve my render times?


      Question 02:

      What is the maximum amount of RAM that AE will recognize.  I'm planning on upgrading my MB and CPU soon and want to know if i should bother getting hardware capable of

      handling more than 32 gigs of memory



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          CPU usage varies greatly depending on what is being processed. For example, some effects are multithreaded, and some are not.


          After Effects can use as much RAM as the operating system can recognize.

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            manjunathk23388540 Level 1

            Increasing RAM will help render times.

            Make sure Hyper threading enabled in BIOS.

            2 GB of RAM for each processor core is the sweet spot. You can go for 4GB for each core for high performance.

            If you have Quad core processor, by enabling Hyper threading, you have total 8 Logical processors.

            So RAM capacity can be>> 8 cores X  2 GB = 16GB, or 8 coresx 4GB = 32GB.



            2GB of GPU memory is enough.

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              1. I've tried using all 8 cores when I am strictly using AE and I noticed an increase, but I haven't bothered to run actual benchmarks.

              2. I know that the 64-bit versions should be able to handle at least 64GB of RAM, but I could be wrong on that.  I have the MSI-970 Gaming board and just maxed it out at 32GB RAM from 16GB and I noticed a drastic increase in performance, as well as adding two new solid state hard drives (SSD's).  I originally wanted to go for 64GB but the board doesn't support it.  Also when I set it up the other day I was noticing that I only had 24GB available to use, yet I had 32GB installed.  After searching around I opened up the info on the disks and saw that 8GB were being reserved for hardware, which made no sense.  I reset my BIOS and it recognized all 32GB.  Hope this helps if you haven't already upgraded yet.  Even if After Effects can't use all the RAM, you could use some of it to create a RAM Disk, which is like a bajillion times faster than a solid state hard drive... only thing is when you turn the power off everything is erased.  I was going to research this later.


              I could not find Hyper Threading in my BIOS anywhere..  Is there any advantage to giving more CPUS RAM?  For example, 6 Cores x 3GB = 18GB  vs. 3 Cores x 6GB = 18GB...