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    Align a table away from spine


      Here's my predicament. I am in the process of designing a catalog with facing pages and would like headers throughout that align away from the spine. This typically isn't a problem except that I would also like a background color that only extends the width of the text - not the entire width of the text box. The only method I have found to accomplish this is to create a text box with no fill. I set the alignment of this text box away from the spine and then place a single cell table inside. That cell has the background color and the width is then set to the width of the text. This seems to work, it appears InDesign recognizes this as a valid setup, but when I add a page these text boxes don't update dynamically. I can look at all of the settings and see that the text box is still set to align away from the spine but the table inside is actually now aligned towards the spine. The thing is, as soon as I touch the box, say to resize it, it then snaps the table inside to where it's supposed to be - aligned away from the spine. What's happening here? Since this catalog is going to be over 600 pages I really need this to work without having to go through and "touch" every header when a page is added to get it to snap where it needs to be.


      Here is a picture to illustrate what I'm looking to accomplish. Again, the text area with the background fill color needs to align away from the spine. If there is a suggestion of another way to do this without using a table I'm all ears.



      Thanks for the help!