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    URL to Hyperlink issues

    jhsca Level 1

      I am running into some issues with some usual URLs that have been converted to hyperlinks using the

      Convert URL's to hyperlinks command

      You can see the URLs in this sample page.



      They all contain the word  "file:" in the URL.


      Two issues

      1. The convert ... command split the URL into two hyperlinks:

                 one for the part up to file:
                 the second for the part beginning with file:

          I used the hyperlink panel to clean up the hyperlinks, and ran into the next problem

      2. I manually entered the full URL as the hyperlink , just editing the Hyperlinks created by the Convert URL to hyperlinks command.

         The results are the links in rows, 2,3 4 in the link above.

         ONLY the first part of the URL is live!!  Up to the  : after file

         But when I manually create the hyperlink (Row 1)  everything works as expected.



      Is this a known bug in the Convert all URLs to Hyperlinks  or it is a problem with the current version of Publish Online.

      Is there a better solution than manually creating 20-30 hyperlnks. Not a huge problem, but it would be good to know.