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    HELP!! Slow Hard Drive Write speeds?? What on Earth...


      OK, some background.


      One of the two ways I make a living is video, camera work, and video editing. That said, I am poor. So, recently, when I had to come up with a new editing system, I managed to beg, ebay, and patch together with existing materials the following for about $500.


      Dual Xeon x5660 CPU's, on supermicro X8DAH-F MOB.

      64 GB of Ram (1333 Mhz)

      1 250 GB SSD (C Drive)

      1 125 GB SSD (for temp destination drive)

      2 Seagate 7200 RPM HD in RAID 0 (for clip source drive)

      1 2 TB Storage HDD

      1 Nvidia GTX 960, overclocked with 4 GB VRAm


      (I Already had the Hard drives...)


      So, I know that is not the latest and greatest, but it should do the job. Fast forward to today. I go to render out a file for the first time, and the marked improvement in speed over my old system, which I am expecting to see, never materializes. Its actually somewhat slow. Not 8 gb laptop slow, but slow. So I check out the performance meters in the middle of the render, and get these numbers.


      CPU @ 19 percent

      Ram @ 40 percent

      Drive R (source drive/RAID) @ 10 percent with a Read speed of 8 mb/s !!!

      Destination Drive @ 100 percent....with a write speed of 4 mb/s!!!


      So, obviously something is wonky, right? Certainly my 125 GB SSD (completely empty) is capable of speeds greater than 4 mb/s. And, for that matter, so is the RAID 0. I tested the drives on Passmark, and on Crystal, and they both did fine; in the mid 100's write, and both above 200 read. So this is ONLY happening on Adobe premiere. I have done everything I know to do. I am at a loss....


      If you have any ideas, I would appreciate it.