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    Folders and photos disappear from LR and my catalog but remain on my hard drive.

    dspolo Level 1

      I am totally frustrated.  I have used LR for years without problem until the last few months.   I have had folders disappear from my catalog.  I import the photos from my card onto my hard drive using the LR import function.  I then rate my photos, put some in collections, use keywords and do basic processing.  However when I come back later -- the folder and photos are no longer in the catalog or anywhere in LR.  The photos remain on my hard drive in the same folder that I copied them to originally.  I can import them again into LR but lose all the editing, cataloging etc. that I did the first time.  This has happened periodically over the past few months.  Tonight, I was importing some new photos and realized that 13 folders and hundreds of photos that I took between 6/14 and 8/6 were missing from the catalog and LR but are right where they are supposed to be on my hard drive.   This is not a problem with linking a folder in LR to the folder on the hard drive -- the folder and photos are not anywhere in the LR catalog..  I have no idea how to resolve this problem.   I have no idea how to resolve this problem.  Any ideas?  Help?