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    how to upgrade to the latest version of Lightroom?


      I need to be able to open raw files from the new Sony A7R II camera (called ILCE-7RM2 on this page: Cameras supported by Camera Raw). According to that page I need to have Lightroom 6.1.1 with Camera Raw 9.1.1.

      I paid for the upgrade from my version 5 to 6 today, and downloaded version 6.

      On the splash screen at start up it says Lightroom 6.0. On About dialog inside the application in the top right corner it says Lightroom 6.0, Camera Raw 9.0.

      I understand that might be due to a design decision to not show point-release numbers, or, may be – it's really not the 6.1.1+9.1.1 version.



      1. how do I check which exact version I downloaded today?

      2. how to upgrade to the latest available (which according to that page above and for my camera needs to be LR 6.1.1 + CR 9.1.1)? I don't see any menu item "check for updates" or anything like that in the Lightroom.


      Do versions 6.1.1+9.1.1 even exist? Or it's something from an unspecified future?


      Did I just waist $79 for the upgrade which didn't solve my problem – opening the raw files from a new camera?