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    Adobe desktop services


      I'm using windows 7 64 bit.


      I was having a lot of trouble with CC not functioning properly - particularly acrobat - after an update..


      I ended up removing then reinstalling everything as acrobat would not let me uninstall itself; however, I installed CC 2015 without realising it.


      I now have Adobe desktop services constantly running on my computer hogging resources - even if I'm signed out of CC.


      I note too, that if I sign out then I'm not able to access any of the apps.


      I don't like this.


      I don't want memory intensive services constantly chewing up my resources and I don't want to have to sign in and out all the time - I didn't have to before.


      I note also that syncing to CC was automatically enabled by default - I undid all of this in the last version but the new version overrode all of my personal preferences - I've had to reset them all. I selected to keep those when I uninstalled.


      The uninstall and reinstall took me half a day - impinging on my livelihood and productivity.


      Is it possible to 'roll back' to the earlier CC versions so that I can turn CC off whenever I like and not remain connected?