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    Lightroom crashes trying to access the Preferences file.


      I have today upgraded my Dell to Win10. I now find that Lightroom CC crashes every time I try to click on Edit>Preferences (or Help>System Info for that matter). Suspecting a graphics driver issue I made sure my graphics driver (Intel HD Graphics) was current. I have reset Lightroom preferences (ALT-SHIFT-Lightroom), but neither of these methods works. My next step was to follow the advice here Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Help | Lightroom Graphics Processor Acceleration (GPU) Troubleshooting & FAQ but the line specified to be edited (useAutoBahn) does not exist in my Lightroom 6 Preferences file.


      In short, I cannot access Edit>Preferences to untick the graphics box and I cannot do a manual edit on the Preferences file. So I am stuck in a situation where the program crashes when trying to change my preferences. How do I get around this?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It is usually near the bottom when viewed in Notepad.

                          showPublishServiceIcons = true,

                          tetherFilesCompletionSoundName = "",

                          tokenCustomFieldEnabled = false,

                          tokenPresets = AgRect( 555, 181, 1046, 720 ),

                          tokenPresets_showCmd = 1,

                          tokenSequenceFieldEnabled = false,

                          tokenShootNameFieldEnabled = false,

                          useAutoBahn = true,

                          useSpeechRecognition = false,

                          useTestUpdateSite = false,

                          vanityPlateMainDialog = AgRect( 338, 247, 1263, 613 ),

                          vanityPlateMainDialog_showCmd = 1,

                          vanityPlateSpecificDialog = AgRect( 554, 310, 1046, 596 ),

                          vanityPlateSpecificDialog_showCmd = 1,

                          whiteBalanceLoupeSize = 5,

                          whiteBalanceShowLoupe = true,

                          whiteBalanceToolSticky = false,

                          xmpTreatBackSlashAsSeparator = false,

                          xmpTreatDotAsSeparator = false,

                          xmpTreatForwardSlashAsSeparator = false,