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    Lightroom CC trial stuck at intro video, unable to skip, Windows 10


      As soon as Lightroom opens, the UI loads up, then is instantly overlayed with the "Every Photograph, Any Camera, One Lightroom" popup, forcing you to view overview video.

      Screenshot 2015-08-22 15.33.27.png

      Upon clicking play, the video never loads, remaining at a black screen:

      Screenshot 2015-08-22 15.34.16.png

      The X at the top right hand corner doesn't do anything. Clicking outside the bounds of the video inside the app makes the same Windows pinging sound as when a pop-up dialog has been presented where you must click OK to proceed.

      Restarting Lightroom makes the same video pop up again, along with all the same issues. In short, there doesn't seem to be a way to skip it or avoid it being presented.


      Any ideas? I can't believe I had to fight error 16 and change all sorts of permissions just to make Lightroom boot up, and now I'm blocked by some useless 30 second intro video that won't work properly