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    Doc cloud files missing-chat support wasted 1.5 HOURS



            I am very very upset. I am missing nursing school notes and documents-one entire semester's worth of studying destroyed. moreover, I need these notes to study for the NCLEX boards to obtain license. Essentially, I had an ebook and I highlighted one chapter, would save it as ch 1,2,or 3, etc and upload to cloud. I was using free version Adobe Reader but somehow I had ability to access Document Cloud-I don't think it was a trial period because it definitely lasted longer than one month. Now, in May 2015 I had files of my highlights of numerous chapters on my cloud. Summer vacation passéd (yet I was busting my *** doing an externship n working on top of that). Now, I'd like to study again so I opened up my Doc cloud to save my latest highlighted chapter. (Side note : I do this bc whenever I have too many highlights in my text, Adobe Reader freezes so I found a solution: to save what I've highlighted in a specific chapter to Cloud, delete the highlights in the ebook ONLY in the Adobe app and start highlighting again for the next chapter, but in a new file. THIS ALWAYS WORKED. I had been 10 or more science-heavy/dense chapters in, and in May, I opened up a couple and voila, all the highlights were present in their appropriate chapter file in the Cloud.

             Enter today-I start using Chat Support because my files were missuing and I thought they could help. They essentially waste an hour and a half of my time by first saying after 30 minutes, 'oh w don't help free subscribers.' Wtf?? I specifically mentioned to this man in beginning of convo I was using free version. EVERY TIME U CHAT, U NEED TO WRITE YOUR PROBLEM BEFORE GETTING. CONNECTED TO A CHAT REPRESENTATIVE SO WHY DIDNT HE READ MY PROBLEM or when I repeated that I used the free version once the chat began? SO, I purchased Adobe Pro DC. I asked to speak with his manager and he connected me to tech finally but I had the dr appt I had told them I would be going to soon. Adobe, please instruct your chat reps to be more efficient-all my friends r efficient-they manage full time rn school which is hard and intense PLUS they work either pt or fr. And you're telling me it takes ONE HOUR FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE TO CONNECT ME TO TECH???? So, I was so caught up in being connected to tech and walking/being on time to dr office that I forgot my wifi cuts off. very stupid yes, but I just wanted to fulfill both goals: tech solution and dr appt that I forgot. So, I got disconnected, tried twice more at the dr office but both their WiFi networks are spotty and I got cut off during both chats so that was null-however, that was only a waste of 10 minutes-nothing compared to 1 hr am and then 30 min pm.

              SO, I chat in afternoon once I get home to reliable WiFi and a 30 min chat is once again disconnected-by representative, I think this time because my WiFi icon NEVER disappeared on my screen. INTERESTINGLY, I was disconnected when I tried to get help by trying to persuade rep that files DO INDEED GO MISSING by referring him to a thread of a users eerily similar problem. I asked him if I can refer him and he said sure. I grabbed the url and when I switched back to tab, he was gone. Btw here is thread-her problem was also unresolved as of 8/22, at least by the thread content. My documents have disappeared from my cloud 

                Anyway, I had successfully switched back n forth between tabs while chatting with an agent and never been disconnected In today's many earlier chats. So, I think he disconnected me because how dare a customer tell him, my files are missing and I have proof that this is a legitimate problem. Let's juse throw my proof in a landfill and laugh at legit proof. Sigh. Btw, his support boiled down to givin me 2 links to my Document Cloud WHICH OF COURSE I KNOW HOW TO ACCESS BC THAT IS HOW I DISCOVERED MY FILES R MSSI G IN THE FIRST PLACE. Then, he flat out said there's no way to recover my files bc that's where they should be. Unless I deleted them, which I never did!!! I need those files desperately like crazy and would never condemn myself like that.


      I've taught Sunday school, volunteered in hospitals during college, am going into a compassionate career, and was both the Founder and President of my HS Key Club (community service club-can Google to verify)-I've been a hard worker all my life and I just would like somebody in Adobe Tech Support to please tell me what happen to 6 months worth of highlighting textbooks-not fun, I'll tell you. Please, somebody relocate my files-I did not delete them!!! What did you do to them?

      again, here is post of diff user who has same issue My documents have disappeared from my cloud


      Also, I bought Adobe pro d&c at $15/month today specifically bc rep said Tech dept doesnt help free Adobe reader users, but I can't download it on iPad mini after purchasing-says must b desktop. So I went home and voila, I need Mac OS 10.9 and above and I only hv 10.7.5. My MacBook is from 2008 & I'm not sure if can b updated with such old hardware (? Nto sure if used lingo properly). Can I download on university comp n then it will b associated with my ID on ipadmini N my Mac?


      i Will Attach chat transcripts below if requested  so ppl will believe the unnecessary waste of time I went through because of multiple reps inability to help (only to send links to my cloud smh or say if files exist they will b in cloud smhsmh)


      sorry for the typos, touchscreen writing is hard at a fast pace.

      blessings to anyone who is actually able to help me, if anyone reads this at all



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          patriciap84577559 Level 1

          eessentially my prob is that my Adobe document clouds r missing, PLEASE do not refer me to chat support as very unhelpful, I purchased Adobe Pro DC on day of posting  n hv trouble using pro

          --I only hv one Adobe ID, I checked the Recent n Local n Outbox n all Files in Adobe, and I checked on both on my iPad mini and Mac laptop

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            MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee

            Hi Patricia,

            I am so sorry for the bad experience with the Chat support by Adobe Customer Care.

            This is an Adobe user forum, not Adobe Customer Support for paid products.  So what we can do in this forum may be somewhat limited.  But let me try to troubleshoot your problem.

            Because I cannot inspect your iPad Mini in person, I still need to ask you to describe what you see on the screen.  Would you answer the following questions?

            1. Have you saved any documents in Creative Cloud (not Document Cloud)?

            2. What is the version of Acrobat Reader on your iPad Mini?

            3. What is the iOS version on your iPad Mini?

            4. In Acrobat Reader for iOS on your iPad Mini, what do you see on the screen when you tap the file location switcher?

            (a) the popover menu with "Creative Cloud" and "Outbox"




            (b) the popover menu without "Creative Cloud" and "Outbox"



            5. What happens when you tap Document Cloud in the file location popover menu (shown above)?  Does the next screen ask you to sign in or show your documents?


            6. In Acrobat Reader for iOS, can yo go to My Account?  What do you see in the My Account section?


            (a) the gray "Sign Out" button at the bottom




            (b) the blue "Sign In" button at the bottom



            7. Can you launch Safari (web browser) on your iPad Mini or Mac computer and go to the following locations?


            (a) What do you see in the web browser when you go to https://cloud.acrobat.com/, sign in with your Adobe ID, and tap/click Document Cloud in the left pane?


            By default, the page will show Recent. Please make sure to tap/click Document Cloud in the left pane.

            Document Cloud.png

            (b) What do you see in the web browser when you go to https://assets.adobe.com/files and sign in with your Adobe ID?


            Thank you for your help.

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              patriciap84577559 Level 1

              Hi MobileDevCK,

                   Thank you so much for reaching out!


              Yes, of course I will ans your qs:

              1) I do not think I have saved any documents in Creative Cloud because I only purchased it yesterday 8/22 (CC for Pro DC).


              2) Adobe Reader is 15.0.5


              3) iOS for mini is Version 8.4 (but I have to update to 8.4.1 soon)


              4) On screen, post-purchase I see Recent/Local/Document Cloud/Creative Cloud/Outbox. Before purchase, I only saw Recent/Local/ Document Cloud and Outbox.


              5) When I tap Document Cloud, one lonesome document appears (but I'm missing quite a lot). Never asks me to sign in unless I go on a desktop/laptop.


              6) On mini, yes I can access My Account. I see the gray sign out button.


              7) When I sign in to my ID, and click on left pane DC option, I only see one document (RN externships-same as from question # 5).


              b) When i go to Adobe assets, it says creative cloud-no files/creations/libraries. Attached is screenshot.


              Thank you & I hope we can figure out what happened~IMG_0825.PNG

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                MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee

                Hi Patricia,


                Thank you for the information!


                I will contact the Adobe Document Cloud server team to find out what happened to your cloud documents and get back to you as soon as I hear from the server team.


                Thank you.

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                  MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee

                  Hi Patricia,


                  I heard back from the Document Cloud server team.  The server engineer who looked at the activity log for your account said,

                  There has been a bunch of file DELETEs from a web client for this user on June 7, between 17:00 and 18:45 (not sure of the timezone).

                  All the requests seem to come from the “recent” view via a Chrome browsers on Mac.


                  The server log also indicates

                  • The version of Mac OS X is 10.7.5, which matches the description of your Mac computer in your original post - "I only hv 10.7.5. My MacBook is from 2008".
                  • Your cloud documents have been deleted from the Recent view of the web interface (https://cloud.acrobat.com/).

                  To summarize, it sounds like you signed into Adobe Document Cloud via the web browser from your MacBook running Mac OS X 10.7.5 and accidentally deleted cloud documents from the Recent view on June 7, 2015.

                  Unfortunately, it was not possible to recover your deleted cloud documents.

                  I think that I can offer you some explanation of what happened on June 7th. I hope this explanation prevents the same problem from happening in the future.

                  The most important thing to note about the Recent view is that there is a difference between "Clear Recent" and "Delete Recent".

                  (a) Clear Recent


                  Acrobat Reader mobile apps (for iOS and Android) simply clear a Recent document list.  No file operations (Rename, Move, and Delete) are available in the Recent section.  To perform any file operations, you need to switch the file location to Document Cloud or Local first.

                  When you clear a Recent document list, Acrobat Reader resets the timestamp of each document so that the documents are no longer displayed in the list.  However, the recent documents are not physically deleted from the Document Cloud or the Local storage of your device/computer.


                  (b) Delete Recent


                  The web interface (https://cloud.acrobat.com/) of Adobe Document Cloud does not provide the "Clear Recent" option.  Instead, it provides file operation options, such as Rename, Move, and Delete.

                  Recent Delete.png

                  When you select documents and click the Delete button in the Recent view of the web interface, you will be presented with the following confirmation dialog.


                  If you click the Delete button to confirm, the selected documents are deleted permanently from the Document Cloud.


                  So I believe that you clicked the Delete button in the Recent view of the web interface thinking that it would do the same thing as "Clear Recent" in Acrobat Reader (mobile or desktop).

                  I have raised this issue to the Adobe Document Cloud team. I hope that they can improve the web interface to make absolutely clear about what the Delete button does.

                  I apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused.

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                    patriciap84577559 Level 1

                    Hi MobileDevCK,

                          Thank you immensely for providing an explanation as to what most likely happened. I especially appreciate this because this is something the Chat Support team should provide, and I'm not sure if you're going above and beyond the scope of your job duties, but either way, I'm very thankful and think you're doing a wonderful, great job!


                    U get things done! I say, YOU should run for President haha!