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    Clean install of ColdFusion randomly stops responding

    locus interactive

      I have a brand new Windows Server 2012 with a clean install ColdFusion 11.  I have about 30 sites setup on the server on test urls.  I have been going to the home page of each site, just loading the home page and then going to the next site and loading the home page.  After loading the home page for about 10 sites ColdFusion stops responding and never returns a response of any kind. When this happens  can however still load html files with no problem.  I have not been able to find ANYTHING in any log file in either ColdFusion or IIS.  I tried removing the connectors to ALL website and then connecting them again and still same thing.  I have played around with JVM memory settings and things like that and nothing seems to work.  I am at a complete loss of what to try next.     Any ideas at all would be greatly appreciated.


      I should also mention that if I restart IIS when this happens everything work fine again for another 10 pages so so and the ColdFusion stops responding again.  I also just found out that I can go to an unlimited number of pages is a sites but as soon as a try to load a page from more than about 10 sites then ColdFusion stops responding.


      I changed the Maximum number of simultaneous Template requests from 10 to 100 and I was unable to get the server to stop responding which seems very odd to me since I am the only person accessing any of the sites on this new server.  So does this mean the simultaneous requests are not being released and just continue to build up?  Is there a way to see the number of simultaneous requests?


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          Perhaps you will like this blog post:




          I suspect apply a value for "timeout"  in workers.properties and AJP of server.xml. Likely without timeout defined the tomcat thread / pool are not releasing to respond to another request once 10 are in use. EG:

          worker.cfusion.connection_pool_timeout = 60 (workers.properties)

          connectionTimeout="60000" (AJP section of server.xml)


          Something else to consider when not define the minimum or initial thread / pool setting is 10. That can also be increased via workers.properties and server.xml. EG:

          worker.cfusion.connection_pool_minsize=100 (workers.properties)

          minSpareThreads="100" (AJP section of server.xml)


          Note server.xml change requires CF restart and workers.properties change requires IIS restart.


          Did you check tomcat connector log ColdFusion11\config\wsconfig\N\isapi_redirect.log for errors or warnings?


          HTH, Carl.

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            locus interactive Level 1

            I added the lines to the workers.properties file and restarted IIS and ColdFusion and it did not make any difference so I added the parameters to the server.xml file and that seems to have fixed the problem.  I will do some more testing with it and let you know if I the problem reappears.