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    Windows 10, quicktime lightroom and videos

    rjm8760 Level 1

      Anyone else run into the problem with running windows 10 and not being able to export videos from Lightroom 6 because it requires Quicktime yet quicktime is only for Windows 7 and below. Yes I can buy it but why should I be required to buy something when it worked in the past. I had a new laptop that originally had 8.1 on it and I upgraded when 10 came out. No problems with exporting videos after upgrade but had to exchange the laptop because of a hardware problem. No biggie. The new one had Windows 10 already installed so no need to upgrade. Went to export a couple vids and boom, cant do it because it requires Quicktime. Went to go download and install QuickTime  and am told cant do that because it requires Windows 7 or earlier. What?! So now I have videos that I cant export from lightroom and everything I shoot is in RAW format! UGH! Anyone know of anyway around this or is there another program that acts like Quicktime that is free and will work with Lightroom. I had wanted heto chat with Adobe people but it directed me here. Any help would be greatly appreciate, oh and I am not totally tech savy so any help needs to be in laymen's terms. Thanks.