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    InDesign Server doesn't recognize network paths

    biozaichenko Level 1

      I have successfully installed and tested the InDesign Server. It is up and listening on port 800. Now I'm trying to run sampleclient commands into it with some javascripts.


      Here is the line I'm passing to it via command line:


      sampleclient -host "C:\TEMP\script.jsx" arg0="C:\TEMP\file.indd" arg1="C:\TEMP\file.pdf"


      This works.


      Now I'm passing this:


      sampleclient -host "C:\temp\script.jsx" arg0="\\server\TEMP\file.indd" arg1="\\server\TEMP\file.pdf"


      And it gives an error 48 - Cannot find a folder.


      The server is visible from both machines and the path is the same.


      I tried double slashes but that didn’t help either.


      It just says: Cannot find the folder “\\server\folder\file.pdf”


      What is odd is that file.pdf is not a folder so I’m not sure why it refers to is as “folder”.


      Any ideas?