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    LR6 Crashing my computer!! Please and ty for any help!!


      had lightroom 4.4, started getting buggy so paid the $$ and upgraded to 6... running windows 7.. every since I downloaded it and installed it.. I have problems with my computer crashing mid workflow.... I am attaching the error screen I get in hopes someone can help me fix this.


      Computer specs:

      running Windows 7

      16 gb ram

      64 bit op system

      3.30 ghz processer


      My set up options at reboot DO NOT have an option to disable shadow caching in the BIOS section.....

      I have moved several folders worth of images to my online storage to clear up space on the drives... ( we have a main as well as an external..)

      I have run scan disk, defrag... I have run security checks with our antivirus program... I did not install any new hardware... the only thing new installed was the LR6...


      This issue is seriously hindering my work flow. Any help would be appreciated tremendously!!!


      Please and thank you!!!