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    My InDesign stops responding when I open it up


      I have downloaded InDesign then tried to use this program but when I open it up it gets to the greeting page then stops responding. I have uninstalled it, then setup up another user account re installed it but it still does the same thing. All my other Adobe programs work perfectly I need this program for my Design course submissions so I need to get this up and running ASAP. Been onto Adobe support and screen shared but as yet they cannot see why it's not working. Now I will have to get back onto them Monday morning to see if they can have another go at getting this up and running. Don't like to be paying for a program that I cannot use and need. Anyone got any ideas for a fix.






      Capture Not Responding.JPGThis is what Task Manager says, (its the only way I can close the program.)

      Capture InDesign.JPGThis is where it gets to.